https://cbdoilkaufen.com/25pcPatricia Lyle creates artwork that stimulates viewers’ senses. Producing oil paintings of astonishing colors, passions, love, and friendships, the artist portrays dramatic works of art expressing the energy of life.

Painting for the love of color and expression of feeling, Patricia Lyle’s images are dramatic and intense.

The dazzle of her oil colors portray colorful symbolism and beckon viewers to listen to the message conveyed through the artist’s choices of colors.

“My paintings reflect observations of the colorful lives of people around the world.

Travels in Italy, Spain, England, Mexico, and the Middle East have influenced my belief that people are much the same in other countries as they are in the Southeast and Southwest United States where I have lived.

The geography of the landscape and of human beings changes with the light around the globe, but influences every subject that I describe on canvas.”

Commissions Accepted!

Patricia Lyle is a visual artist working in the Austin, Texas area. Born in Cookeville, Tennessee, her arts training includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Painting from the University of Georgia and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, an artist’s residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and studies with well known artists in the United States.

A colorist by nature and training, Patricia says, “Color is another language, expressing feeling better than words.” She has exhibited nationally, pursues exhibition opportunities locally, and teaches art classes at her studio in Round Rock and workshops in various locations in Central Texas.

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